Baby cots where they’ll rest in their own little universe of dreams

A cot is where your baby will have sweet dreams and will peacefully rest, making it an important space for them to sleep for hours.

You have to take into account that babies grow quickly and that’s why we offer cots that grow and adapt to your child. You will fall in love with these cots!

Convertible baby cot with an upholstered frame
Convertible baby cot with an upholstered frame
Baby cot on wheels that also includes a changer in colour Blanco
Baby cot on wheels that also includes a changer in colour Blanco
Convertible baby cot with an upholstered frame in colour Carmín
Convertible baby cot with an upholstered frame in colour Carmín

White baby cots to create a lighter space in the room

Cuna en color Blanco con el detalle de la barandilla tapizada en color Carmín

Cot in Blanco with an upholstered rail in Carmín.


To make sure the your baby grows happy, we create a unique and special space for them, taking care of every single little detail: a white baby cot is the best option for this.

White furniture creates a sense of tranquility and peace, whilst creating a bigger sense of space within the cot.

We like offering the option to add a bit of colour to your cot. This can add a sense of customisation to each part of the cot to suit your needs.

The upholstered colours we offer are:

  • The colour Perla, which when combined with the colour Blanco, creates a very elegant cot.
  • The colour Marino, is a darker colour but very easily combinable.
  • The colour Kiwi, is ideal for the nature lovers.
  • The colour Naranja, gives your bedroom a refreshing touch.
  • The colour Carmín, is the most neutral colour when choosing for a boy or girl.
  • The colour Púrpura, gives your cot a very modern feel to it.


Baby cots with a changer are the best option- having everything in the same space

Detalle de la cuna para bebe con cambiador

When attached to the cot, you can move this changer freely around your home 


Since our main focus is for you to have maximum comfort with your baby, every cot that we have in our catalogue has the option to attach a changer to it.

A new feature in our catalogue is the hanging changer, which you can attach to one of the sides of the cot. This changer fits perfectly on top of the cot and has a very simple and practical way of attaching and detaching.

If what you want is a fixed baby changer, you just have to place a shelving unit beside the cot. The changer will be placed on top of the unit making everything simple, comfortable and easily accessible.

A baby cot with a changer can be the best solution for a room with reduced space.

The accessories available for our baby cots allows you to have everything you need in the same space. You can have a space for them to sleep, a changer and a shelving unit. We also offer a protective cushion that can provide added protection for your baby.


As your child grows, our furniture grows with them, adapting to their needs

Cuna convertida en cama y mesa para juegos

We have transformed our cots to be able to adapt to three different stages of your child’s growth. 


Our baby cots are one of the most functional pieces of furniture you can get. They start from being a great space for your baby to sleep in, and as they grow, you will be able to transform the cot as your child grows.

Our cots are adaptable to three different stages of your child’s growth.

  • First stage (0-2 years) , here you have a set up that consists on a baby cot, lots of drawers and a single shelve behind.
  • Second stage (2-5 years), during this age children are beginning to be more independent, and they get themselves out of bed on their own. The baby cot transforms into a low bed, with a desk and the back shelve turns into a shelving unit.
  • Third stage (5+ years), if you combine the shelving unit that was attached to the cot, you can create a bed formed with eight drawers, a desk and a shelving unit. The best part is that there are many different combinations for you to create depending on the space and needs of your child.

You may ask yourself, what cot suits my baby best?

We believe that there are many important questions that come into play when choosing the right cot. Security is one of them, being able to adjust the height of the mattress, if you can move it, the age range, if it’s customisable… with the baby cots in our INFINITY 02 collection, all of those questions are solved for you.

We have two different models of cots, both of them being adaptable to the different stages of growth: the cot with wheels and the cot with drawers.

We are specialists in junior bedrooms, but the little ones of the house are extremely important to us too!